Vegan, sustainable, ethical.

Individually hand poured in small batches in rural Norfolk.



Discover our range of natural, vegan and eco conscious products

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50 Hour Candle


35 Hour Candle


Matches in Striker Bottle


Reed Diffusers

All our candles are made from sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax and high quality fragrance oils. Handmade in small batches and tested to ensure a good even burn with a gorgeous scent.

Looking for candle for a smaller space?

Our 35 hour candles area great for cosy nights in or to fill a bedroom.

Again, full of all natural and vegan products to score great eco points and to give a fab aroma. 

These cute bottles filled with matches are the perfect addition for candle lovers everywhere. Always struggle to light your favourite candle with a lighter? These matches are longer so you can reach the wick even when it's right at the bottom.

Not after your bog standard diffuser?

Our diffusers are in an amber bottle, corked & filled with an all natural, all vegan base and our high quality fragrance oils with fibre reeds and dried craspedia flowers to fill the room with our scents.


So what sets Thistle & Wax apart from other candle makers?

It's simple really. Every aspect of a Thistle & Wax candle is created with the environment in mind.


Each eco-friendly candle consists of:

  • Glass jars and wooden lids - that can be infinitely recycled

  • Sustainably grown coconut & rapeseed wax - which is biodegradable and non-toxic

  • Cruelty-free and vegan fragrance oils - to make your candles smell divine

  • Paper labels - made from 100% recycled waste


But it’s not just the candles that are zero waste. Every order is packaged using:

  • Recycled cardboard boxes

  • Shredded paper waste for padding

  • Paper tape


Wherever possible, we do our best to minimise waste and our impact on the environment. 

Our materials are glass, wood and kraft paper that are all recyclable. 

Our wax blend is vegan and it contains no nasties such as dyes, parabens, palm or synthetic additives.

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