Care for your Candle

Follow this advice to get the best from your candle

First Burn


Burn your candle for 3 hours the first time it’s lit, this helps induce the correct wax memory. 


Burning Times 


We advise that you do not burn your candle for longer than a 4 hour period- any longer than this can cause a large melt pool, overheated jar, a large flame and smoking. Please always take care when burning a candle and never leave a flame unattended. 


Trim the Wick 


With our natural wooden wicks, they require minimal care, but care nonetheless. When relighting your candle you need to remove the burnt wood on the top of the wick before lighting. You can easily do this by pinching the burnt wood with your fingertips and simply break off. Remove any debris from the wax before lighting. 


Using Natural Products 


All of our candles are made using natural and plant based wax. As with anything in nature, if heat is applied the natural properties alter. Some discolouration may occur however this is purely cosmetic and does not affect the efficiency of your candle. 


Near the End 


As you get towards the bottom of your candle you may start to notice some soot collecting on the inside of your jar. This is simply a build up from the wood burning and can easily be wiped clean using a damp cloth.